Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ryan Gosling Scorpion Jacket

Though critics had much criticized about the movie Drive, the world of fashion had ample to talk about the drive jacket, letting it to help as motivation for them and honoring the designs of the jackets with numerous prizes. Even the fans of the movie were keen to find out that from where they could have a similar jacket for themselves as its unique take on the style of the bomber of the jackets together with its embroidered logo of Scorpio and good-looking material proposes a lot of demand. 
This is not at all low-priced movie costume rather it is expensive. The scorpion jacket of Drive was prepared according to the uppermost quality standards. This comprises of all of the supplies used in it, and also the sewing. The audacious scorpion in yellow on the back of the jacket is flawlessly counterbalanced by expensive in white, sewed with a pattern of diamond, and elastic waist and cuffs in black. The termination of the front is made up with the popular zippers of YKK brand, and also a shirt-style collar in black. 
This is an unlimited Ryan Gosling jacket of Drive to attire on your night out plans; nevertheless it is also superb to wear it anytime. And you need not to worry about the excellence of the supplies and needlework means you certainly not have to concern about overuse of it. Now you can have your own replica of the high-quality jacket worn out by Ryan Gosling in the movie named as Drive.

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  1. Thanks. I loved the movie! I was remiss in not posting the jacket. I'm adding a picture of it to my blog post today, even though it's a few years ago. Thanks again.